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Fleet Technical Management

This is a story about the repossession of an aircraft from an airline into our CAMO where we took care of the entire repossession program and the redelivery to a new operator.

The Situation
A total of 3x Airbus A330-300 aircraft, owned by a ICBC Aircraft Leasing company, were operated by an airline in South East Asia. The lessor decided to early terminate the contract and start an aircraft repossession program. Worldwide, a pandemic restricted international travel and created supply-chain and personnel resources disruptions.

The Problem
The aircraft had to be repossessed, hence little assistance from the operator was to be expected. In addition, the aircraft required a temporary registration, a return-to-service, engine swaps, landing gear changes, components for a 24-months check as well as the redelivery to the next operator.

The Impact
The lessor was at risk to engage in a repossession with a number of technical, legal and operational challenges, having little or no access to the aircraft records and involving a substantial number of stakeholders and cash-outs of several million US$.

The Need
AMROS Global was selected as the partner of choice to take care of the fleet technical management of the entire repossession and redelivery program including on-site in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

  1. Digital Technical Asset Management
    1. Program management of aircraft repossession and redelivery
    2. Aircraft records review
    3. Physical inspections
    4. Maintenance check supervision
  2. Commercial Maintenance Support
    1. International tender management for maintenance activities for 3x A330-300 24 months redelivery check
    2. Procurement of maintenance activities
    3. Repair cycle management for major components such as engines and landing gears
    4. Maintenance invoice reviews
  3. CAMO+
    1. Aircraft temporary registration support with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands
    2. Creation of the aircraft maintenance program
    3. EASA import requirements analysis
    4. Airworthiness management
    5. Airworthiness review inspection and recommendation by Airworthiness Review Staff
  4. Management and operation of demo and ferry flights
    1. Crew sourcing
    2. Licence validations
    3. Ground handling management
    4. Fueling management
    5. Navigation, planning and permissions
  5. Components & Inventory Solutions

    1. Provision of material for cabin refurbishment (Seat covers, curtains, etc.)
    2. Full aircraft parts, material and components supply for 3x A330-300 required in the 24 months redelivery check
  6. Part 21 J Design Engineering
    1. Minor modifications such as paint EO, LOPA change, decals, and other cabin modifications

The result
Thanks to the masterful services of our well-established teams, we were able to identify the aircraft situation rapidly to understand the project requirements and dynamics with our on-site team in Malaysia. Immediately, we started with securing the aircraft records and working out the work package for the sourcing of the Aircraft Maintenance, as well as registering the aircraft in the Cayman Islands Aircraft Registry, under the airworthiness responsibility of AMROS Global’s CAMO.

Once the aircraft maintenance and storage options were secured, we continued to perform the review of the records and managing the ground time supervision. All the aircraft parts required during the check were provided by AMROS Global’s on-site supply chain team, backed off by our back-office in Zurich, Switzerland. The close connection between our CAMO and our Supply Chain personnel played a crucial role in identifying parts and material needed in time and guarantee a smooth delivery to the MRO facility. Together with our Design Engineering department, we managed minor modifications and the drawing of the livery, as well as the production, procurement and testing of cabin material, resulting in the complete cabin refurbishment of 3x A330 aircraft.

At the end of each redelivery check, we organized the post-maintenance flights as well as the ferry flights to the airline’s base.