The new era of aircraft transitions

LISA is the proprietary aircraft records management system developed by the AMROS Global sister company AMROS Innovations. LISA is your Swiss algorithm that revolutionizes the way we do aircraft asset management by combining financial, regulatory and technical aspects of aircraft with state-of-the-art technology. With LISA, we at AMROS Global are able to provide you with a never seen before service for aircraft transitions with our digital aircraft transition approach:

  • Simplified, digitized data processing based on Spec 2500
  • Artificial Intelligence reducing manual input and errors
  • Machine Learning that reducing time, costs, and facilitates decision-making
  • Cloud based Big Data handling and assessment
  • Back-to-birth data availability at a fingertip
  • Digital Twins of Aircraft for maximum comprehension of your asset
  • 360° consideration of the aircraft lifecycle

A lean, AI-based system built with the technology of tomorrow,

  • Automated data collection & OCR recognition
  • Automated data structuring
  • Continuous data collection
  • Integrated communication tool
  • 360°perspective efficiency in focus

Faster aircraft transitions

Aircraft maintenance document management and aircraft transition projects creating massive disturbances for airlines and lessors likewise, as organizations lack resources and show deficiency of knowledge.

AMROS Global closes this gap and provides airlines and lessors with up to 65% efficiency increase in internal and external aircraft transition activities by providing solutions for an efficient records management, document structuring and gap analysis on the fly.

Improved data quality

Today’s document management systems do their job, however, they are not design specifically for the complexity of aircraft records management. Long data migration times, view restrictions and lack of project and queries management are only a few of the missing features of those systems.

Wit AMROS Global, we can migrate aircraft records faster and make them available for aircraft transition in a finger tip – viewing documents, comparing them, searching information, addressing queries and managing the transition project – all from one reliable source made for aviation!

Cost savings

Aircraft transitions generate high cost for operators and lessors the like, as documentation is incomplete and unstructured, requiring specialists to clean up the documentation and generate the respective statuses and delivery bible.

With AMROS Global’s aircraft transition technology, the automated document assessment and structuring with AI and ML solutions are creating cost savings of up to 65% from actual processes – not even counting all the cost savings generated by properly managing your aircraft components!

Structured data

Today’s workflows and processes mainly focus on storing the documentation on a time-line as maintenance activities have been performed and documentation provided. Unstructured data is stored electronically without further value creation.

With AMROS Global, it becomes easy and fast to identify the aircraft document type, asses it, and present it in a clean and structured order to any stakeholder involved in aircraft transition!

Attention for detail

Legacy processes handling physical documentation lack the accuracy of complete documentation related to services performed by MRO’s, creating huge burdens and unexpected cost for operators when aircrafts are transferred years later.

With AMROS Global and its innovative digital aircraft transition approach, finding the needle in the haystack when reviewing aircraft records becomes an easy and fast task!