Our Partners

Aero Plus Europe is an independent partner that brings a positive impact to non-traditional business development and distressed asset management. With Aero Plus Europe, we connect the dots in the aerospace industry by building work teams within our network of skilled, adaptive and creative people.

GP Aviation is a full flight management service provider including the management of ferry flights. With their homebase in Zürich, Switzerland, they provide Swiss precision for flight operation, crew sourcing and placement, as well as ferry management and therefore are the perfect partner for AMROS’ high quality standards.

Nexspares is the leading independent partner helping aircraft operators design and implements state-of-the-art material supply concepts that increase operational and financial efficiency.

AviaDeCo is an EASA Part-21 J approved organization based in Berlin, Germany. AviaDeCo is focused on supporting and implementing minor and major modifications on aircraft. With their deep knowledge for maintenance, airworthiness and design engineering, they are the perfect addition to the partner-network of the AMROS Group.