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Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions Support

Our aircraft sales and acquisition services offer a seamless process for purchasing and selling aircraft, ensuring that you get the best deal and minimize risks. We frequently evaluate aircraft types and defined the adequate strategy for asset liquidation and to negotiate the purchase/lease agreements with all major suppliers.

Aircraft Acquisition

  • Aircraft Acquisition
  • Aircraft Evaluation
  • Performance Analysis
  • Operating Cost Analysis
  • Purchase/Lease Agreement Negotiations

Aircraft Re-Marketing

  • Aircraft Sales
  • Wet-Lease Solutions
  • Sale/Lease Agreement Negotiations

Asset Liquidation

  • Evaluation of Distressed Assets
  • Management of Distressed Assets
  • Liquidation and Re-Marketing Strategy


For us, Continuing Airworthiness Management is more than just maintaining your aircraft airworthy. At AMROS Global, we believe that every aircraft is an asset and our goal is to maintain both airworthiness and aircraft value.  Regardless if you are an aircraft operator or owner, with our several aviation authority approvals with special aircraft transition privileges, we enable an expedited continuation of the aircraft’s airworthiness everywhere in the world and on all major aircraft types. With our several decades of experience in the aviation industry, we have developed a reputation for providing high-quality and cost-effective CAMO services to our clients.

Our CAMO services are approved by various aviation authorities, including Swiss FOCA, EASA, Cayman Islands with Transition Privilege, 2-Reg, and the Isle of Man.

Continuing Airworthiness Management

  • Transition CAMO
  • Shadow CAMO
  • Sub-Contracted CAMO for Operating Aircraft

CAMO Services

  • Airworthiness Reviews by certified Staff (ARC)
  • Establishing of CAMO according to EASA Part-M/Part-CAMO Requirements
  • Import/Export into EASA, FAA or National Registers

Ferry Flight Management

Transferring aircraft between operators can be demanding – choice of the most economical route, overflight, take-off and landing clearances, ground handling and fuel supply, crew sourcing are just examples of a number of key factors that need to be organized in time and budget all at the same time. We are the right partner for you to handle the whole process in-house with the highest quality, in time and within budget.

Ferry Services

  • Ferry, Maintenance, Demo and Test Flights
  • Crew Sourcing, Placement and Crew License Validation
  • Full Flight Management and Support Capability

Digital Technical Asset Management

We provide project management and expert resources to handle all aspects of aircraft technical asset management, all in a digital and innovative way. From complete program management of aircraft transitions to digital records reviews, on-site representation all the way to the management of modifications (part-21), we got you covered beyond the transaction. By combining our expertise from over 600 aircraft transitions with our IT know-how, we created LISA, our Artificial Intelligence powered software for the management of aircraft records. With this unmatched approach in the industry, we are able to perform aircraft transitions faster, more reliable and cost efficient.

AMROS Global is an 8tree Certified Service Partner offering on-demand airframe inspection service using dentCHECK. With dentCHECK-as-a-Service, we provide a never seen before structural inspection service, revolutionizing the way we perceive quality in measurement, analysis and reporting of structural damages on aircraft of all types – be it for scheduled or unscheduled inspections.


For additional information, read the Press Release.

Digital Aircraft Transitions and Inspections

  • Program Management of Aircraft Transition
  • Digital Records Audits
  • Digital Physical Inspections
  • Digital Pre-Purchase Inspections

Maintenance Event Management

  • Ground Time Project Management
  • Ground Time Supervision
  • On-Site Cargo Conversion Management and Supervision
  • Final Assembly Line Supervision

On-demand 3D Dent-Mapping

Part-21J Design Engineering

With our EASA Part-21J design engineering services, we support the design and certification of aircraft modifications and related systems & components to ensure they meet the design and safety requirements established by the manufacturer and aviation authorities.

Design Engineering

  • Passenger Cabin Layout Changes
  • Replacement of Interior Parts and Decors
  • Emergency Equipment Layout Changes
  • Installation of Cabin Monuments
  • IFE (Inflight Entertainment) System Integration
  • Modification of Cabin Lights
  • Integration of ETSO-Certified Avionic LRU’s
  • PC-Power System Integration
  • Avionic’s Reprogramming for Aircraft Transitions (i.e., ATC, ACMS, ACARS, EGPWS Callouts)
  • Certification of External Paint Liveries / external Decals
  • USB Power Retrofit Solution for Single-Aisle Aircraft and Its Related Seat Models

Commercial Maintenance Solutions

Our commercial maintenance solutions are designed to help airlines optimize their maintenance costs, reduce downtime and ensure regulatory compliance. We believe in a collaborative approach to commercial maintenance, working with airlines to understand their specific needs and provide customized solutions to meet their requirements. We provide a full suite of services including contract management, repair cycle management, maintenance tenders, and maintenance reserve management, to help airlines and lessors manage all aspects of commercial maintenance. Our team of experienced professionals has the expertise to provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your fleet is always in top condition.

Repair Cycle Management

  • Engine Repair Cycle Management
  • Landing Gear Repair Cycle Management
  • APU Repair Cycle Management
  • Cabin Interior & IFE Repair Cycle Management

Maintenance Tender Management

  • Heavy and Line Maintenance Tender Management
  • Engine Maintenance Tender Management
  • Component Maintenance Tender Management

Maintenance Reserve Management

  • Engine Maintenance Reserves
  • Aircraft & General Maintenance Reserves

Maintenance Cost Reduction Initiatives

  • Engine Maintenance Contract Reviews
  • Maintenance Contract Reviews
  • Pooling Contract Reviews

Components & Inventory Solutions

Having been involved in over 600 aircraft transitions, we understand the importance of the parts and material management during redeliveries of aircraft. With our dedicated aircraft transition components management team, we can reduce lead-time and complexity by providing part sales, AOG support, supply chain management and stakeholder management.
With each fleet transition, there is an enormous hidden value with surplus inventory. With our structured approach, we ensure that dust-gathering assets turn quickly into cash, recovering extra value from your spare parts.

Aircraft Transition Components Management

  • Dedicated Aircraft Transition Components Management
  • Parts Sales
  • AOG Support
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Initial Provisioning

Parts & Material Management

  • Parts Sales and Consignment
  • AOG Support
  • Surplus Inventory Re-marketing
  • Warranty Claim Management

Management Consulting

Our management consulting services are designed to help you optimize your operational efficiency, improve performance and achieve your strategic goals. We work with you to understand your unique challenges and provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Our team of experienced professionals have a wealth of expertise in areas such as aviation operations, aircraft maintenance, airworthiness, safety management, regulatory compliance, and cost optimization.

Management Consulting for MRO‘s

  • Operational Performance Improvement Initiatives
  • Financial Performance & Restructuring Initiatives
  • Interim Management Solutions

Management Consulting for Airlines

  • Optimization of Maintenance Concepts
  • Development & Control of Reliability Programs
  • On-Time Performance Improvement Initiatives

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