Aircraft Sales, Acquisitions & Liquidations

Our clients benefit from value-adding and customer focused services when it comes to Aircraft Evaluation and Aircraft Acquisition. We are frequently evaluating aircraft types and negotiate the purchase/lease agreements with all major suppliers and pass our vast expertise to our clients for real added value.

Aircraft Acquisition

  • Aircraft Acquisition
  • Aircraft Evaluation
  • Performance Analysis
  • Operating Cost Analysis
  • Purchase/Lease Agreement Negotiations

Aircraft Re-Marketing

  • Aircraft Sales
  • Wet-Lease Solutions
  • Sale/Lease Agreement Negotiations


FOCA Approval certificate CH.MG.7014 – Cayman Approval certificate

For us, Continuing Airworthiness Management is more than just maintaining your aircraft airworthy. At AMROS Global, we believe that every aircraft is an asset and our goal is to maintain both airworthiness and aircraft value. With that goal in mind and our connectivity throughout our service portfolio, we can go beyond airworthiness and provide the extra mile.

Continuing Airworthiness Management

  • Airworthiness Reviews by certified Staff (ARC)
  • Transition CAMO
  • Shadow CAMO
  • CAMO Outsourcing

CAMO Solutions

  • Digitization Programs
  • Data Entry Management
  • AMOS Support
  • Establishing of CAMO according to EASA Part-M Requirements
  • Import/Export into EASA, FAA or National Registers

Ferry Flight Management

Transferring aircraft between operators can be demanding – choice of the most economical route, overflight, take-off and landing clearances, ground handling and fuel supply, crew sourcing are just examples of a number of key factors that need to be organized in time and budget all at the same time. We are the right partner for you to handle the whole process in-house with the highest quality, in time and within budget.

Ferry Services

  • Ferry, Maintenance, Demo and Test Flights
  • Crew sourcing, placement and crew license validation
  • Full flight management and support capability

Technical Asset Management

We provide expert resources to handle all aspects of aircraft asset management. From Airworthiness Reviews to Aircraft Transitions to Return Condition & Compensation Management – as a CAMO+ we got you covered beyond the transaction and can explore the hidden value within your aircraft.

Aircraft Transitions and Inspections

  • Full Scale Aircraft Transition Management
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Physical Inspections
  • Records Audits
  • Aircraft Import Management
  • Return Condition & Compensation Management
  • Ferry Flight Management
  • Test Flights

Maintenance Event Management

  • Final Assembly Line Supervision
  • Check Supervision
  • Ground Time Control and Management

Commercial Maintenance Solutions

Our consultants and associates have a very strong background in the fields of MRO, Supply Chain and Inventory Management. With our combined know-how, we are able to provide sophisticated solutions all around commercial maintenance.

Maintenance Tender Management

  • Engine Maintenance Contracts
  • Component Maintenance & Pooling Contracts
  • Heavy Maintenance Contracts
  • Line Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance Cost Reduction Initiatives

  • Engine Maintenance Costs
  • Component Maintenance & Pooling Costs
  • Heavy Maintenance Costs

Maintenance Reserve Management

  • Engine Maintenance Reserves
  • Aircraft & General Maintenance Reserves

Maintenance Contract Review & Management

  • Engine Maintenance Contracts
  • Component Maintenance & Pooling Contracts
  • Heavy Maintenance Contracts

Components & Inventory Solutions

Over time, each airline operation generates a surplus inventory. Fleet changes, modification programs, and reduced usage rates are the primary factors influencing such inventory. Excess parts gather dust on the shelves, generate handling costs and are non-working capital. Our team has been handling surplus inventories for many years. With our structured approach, we ensure that dust-gathering assets turn quickly into cash. Together with our cooperation partners, we are also your partner to evaluate your inventory or to get a certified appraisal.

Supply Chain & Inventory Solutions

  • Aircraft Initial Provisioning
  • Surplus Inventory Remarketing
  • Inventory Evaluation and Appraisals
  • Procurement
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Components Pooling Evaluation
  • Inventory Recovery Programs

Warranty Administration Services

  • Warranty Process Review & Optimization
  • Warranty Claim Management

Management Consulting

We have audited, re-structured and re-organized numerous airlines and MRO‘s, helping them create substantial long-term cost savings. Whether through an interim management solution or full-scale consulting project, we can provide a broad range of solutions by combining financial and technical driven know-how.

Management Consulting for MRO‘s

  • Operational Performance Improvement Initiatives
  • Financial Performance & Restructuring Initiatives
  • Interim Management Solutions

Management Consulting for Airlines

  • Optimization of Maintenance Concepts
  • Development & Control of Reliability Programs
  • On-Time Performance Improvement Initiatives
  • Interim Management Solutions
AMROS Global has performed multiple asset management projects for us in the last 3 years. Not only were they able to help increase our know-how, but also generated substantial cost savings. They are a trusted partner who always delivers in an efficient and professional manner, with a customer-oriented approach.
Swiss International Air Lines / Star Alliance
I am sure that without AMROS‘ collaboration the final result would not have been the same. Thank you very much to the entire AMROS team for the huge support provided, as a company we are immensely grateful for the 24/7 support delivered to accomplish this difficult task.
Latam Airlines Group / Oneworld
After good experiences in the past, Edelweiss Air has decided to cooperate again with Amros-Global. Amros-Global was heavily involved in phase-in, phase-out and check monitoring and they always work to our full satisfaction. Having a competent partner at our side enables us to fulfill our high safety standard, to save money and to deliver the aircraft on time to the operation.
Edelweiss Air / Lufthansa Group
Brussels Airlines is grateful for the high quality service provided by Amros. We look back at three successful projects where Amros proved its professionalism and are delighted to continue receiving high quality services from Amros .
Brussels Airlines / Star Alliance
Great work, we couldn’t have achieved this delivery without you
Acropolis Aviation (UK) Ltd. / Jonathan Bousfield, the CEO
On behalf of the entire GOAL team I would like to thank you all for you for your great work, kind support and the friendly relationship. Your dedication to us, as your customer, was always present and we felt that you always took very good care of us and our assets.
GOAL German Operating Aircraft Leasing GmbH & Co. KG. / Christoph Peppel- Head of Technical at GOAL
Great work AMROS team, we appreciate your support in the delivery project, we could not do it without you
People’s Viennaline / Thomas Krutzler – CEO
You guys were awesome, AMROS is simply the best!
PIONAIR / Randal McFarlane – Director Business Development