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AMROS Global is the leading Swiss Fleet Technical Management service provider to the worldwide aviation and aerospace industry.

We focus strongly on generating cost savings for airlines and leasing companies with regards to financial, technical, operational and asset management of aircraft.


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Our 360° Fleet Technical Management perspective enables us to discover the hidden value behind every individual asset. It covers all aspects of aircraft: from the Final Assembly Line to operation, maintenance and until end-of-life. Our customers benefit from the synergies we create with our unique Fleet Technical Management service portfolio, creating less complexity, faster response times and overall better performance.


Aircraft Transitions

having performed more than 600 aircraft transitions for airlines, lessors an private entities emphasizes our know-how for aircraft asset management.

$20 Mio+

in yearly savings

through our professional services by providing aircraft components in time, identifying bottlenecks, avoiding unnecessary expenditures and delays ahead of time with clear deliverables!

Who we have helped

Our customers

Over the years we have succeeded in meeting the objectives, expectations and exacting standards of industry leaders. Our bespoke services, innovative software and dedicated support makes AMROS Global the preferred aviation consultancy and Fleet Technical Management service provider.

Our Management

Giuseppe Renga CEO AMROS Group – President view LinkedIn profile
Giuseppe Renga is recognized as a goal oriented and out of the box thinker with pragmatic problem-solving skills. Through his family, he always had an affinity to the aviation industry, which is why he joined Amros-Global in 2012 as an operations manager. During his time as operations manager, he was responsible for establishing the operations and processes at Amros-Global and did so by including innovation and state-of-the-art technology that improved efficiency enormously.

Later on, he fully committed himself to business development, making him in charge of the marketing and business strategy of the company and the latest developments at AMROS. Through his sales skills acquired in the private banking sector, Giuseppe is able to place himself advantageously in the aircraft acquisition and re-marketing field of the company.
Eros Tavani CEO AMROS Global – Member of the Board view LinkedIn profile
Eros Tavani is a true leader in aircraft management as he remains in the forefront of commercial aircraft management. His career began upon obtaining his degree in Aircraft Engineering and Economics. Today, he offers over 35 years of airline and MRO experience which focuses on contract management, key account management, customer support, maintenance & reliability program, planning and quality.

What truly sets him apart throughout the course of his experience in customer relationship and key account management, is his extensive knowledge of the customers’ expectations and needs more than anyone in the airline business.
Giovanni Renga CTO – Member of the Board
Airworthiness Review Staff (ARS)
view LinkedIn profile
Giovanni Renga brings over 35 years of experience in the commercial aviation industry and has performed a wide variety of roles in technical services and asset management. He had his start working as a line and base engineer in several countries as a representative of different customers. During these years he gained an extensive background and knowledge of the aviation industry.

In search of a new challenge and the urge to spread his knowledge, he became one of the founding partners of AMROS Global. His career has had a strong focus on technical and planning services throughout the commercial aviation industry. As CTO, he is one of the driving forces and visionaries who can identify effective solutions even amid enormous time pressure. His excellent MRO and CAMO knowledge and huge network is a key element that makes him successful.
Bernhard Meier CEO AMROS Innovations – Member of the Board view LinkedIn profile
Bernhard Meier is a born aviation manager. With his 30 years of experience in aviation management, he is recognized as a true leader for when it comes to analyzing and implementing change in the industry. Bernhard knows perfectly how to manage people and adjust organizational hurdles to create a new environment and brings in this attitude just perfectly for when it comes to accepting new challenges and re-structuring airlines, aircraft maintenance organizations and improving business processes significantly.

Bernhard joined the company in 2019 and is in charge of the digital transformation and innovation at AMROS. Bernhard holds an Executive MBA in Marketing Strategy and has joined the ranks of Managing Partner of AMROS Global in 2020.

We are the leading CAMO+ aviation consultancy company in Switzerland and we handle all aspects of financial, technical, operational and asset management of aircraft. With our combined experience of over 600 aircraft transitions and over 100 assets managed as a CAMO, we can offer you custom-tailored Fleet Technical Management solutions during the entire life-cycle of an aircraft.

Got any pain causing you a headache right at this moment? Contact us and let’s find a solution for you!

AMROS Global’s origins go back to 2009 with the foundation of “Airline MRO Support Global” by former Swissair and SR Technics managers in Switzerland.

In 2010, the company was renamed “AMROS” Global and started as an aviation consulting and CAMO service provider. Over the years, we have developed into a full-scale advisory company offering custom-tailored Fleet Technical Management solutions based on our created digital software for managing aircraft assets.

AMROS Innovations AG was founded in 2020 to enable digital transformation of aircraft technical asset  management in the aviation industry.

AMROS Innovations provides IT development, data management and consulting services and is the developer of LISA, the state-of-the-art software solution for digital aircraft records management based on artificial intelligence, that enables airlines and lessors to efficiently manage aircraft records while keeping expenditures at a minimum.

AMROS Asia is your regional contact point, enabling the Swiss sustainability and precision to be engaged within the APAC market. By integrating both of the best dynamics, together we develop best in class solutions for the local market.

AMROS Business Services DOO Belgrade, Serbia, is a 100% subsidiary of the AMROS Group and serves as a business service unit to the various companies of the AMROS Group.

The company provides 360° Fleet Technical Management support, amongst others, to support the AMROS Group activities.