Employee Spotlight Interview with Nina

Friday, 30. July 2021 by AMROS

Meet Nina Piede, our Manager Operation/Pilot. ?


Nina joined AMROS Global nearly 1 year ago and has been a very valuable  part of our team since then. In her role as a Manager Operation she deals with implementing new regulation processes for Part-CAMO and she also communicates with aviation authorities as part of her project assignments. She also owns a commercial Pilot license.? We are very proud to have her on our team and we look forward to her future success.

Hi Nina, thanks for your time and sharing , how do you feel now when the Covid-19 restrictions have being lifted and our lives are nearly back to the old normal?

I feel relieved after more then a year of the lockdown, I hope that the airline industry will recover fully soon. Also, I look forward to get back to flying.✈️

If we look back to your childhood. Do you remember what drew you to the aviation industry? And have you ever considered working in a different business field?

Growing up, I was always in touch with the aviation industry through a big part of my family. I always found it very interesting and fascinating, but it was not until I was 15 or 16 years old that I decided, I wanted to work in this field. My first goal was to become an air traffic controller but changed into becoming a pilot. Those are quite ambitious goals, so of course I have also thought about other career fields. The situation now has shown me again, that aviation is not the most stable field to work in, but I still love it and cannot see myself changing the field completely.

It is good to set big goals in life, it somehow pushes you and motivates you to go forward. With your busy schedule, how do you balance your job and your private life/family?

We are lucky that at AMROS, you are quite flexible with the distribution of your time, which makes it easier to balance it with the private life and appointments. My family is in Germany, so I do not get to see them that often, but also here, the planning for days off or to do home office is easy.

What is your favourite part about working for AMROS Global?

I like that you can joke around with everybody, it lightens the mood and nobody takes offense.?

That is true!  May I ask, how does success look for you?

I see success in the achievement of a goal, a positive outcome to a situation, having met or exceeded your expectations.

Here is my favourite questions, if you could switch your job with anyone else within AMROS, whose job would you want and why?

This is a difficult question, but I think I would switch it with Bernhard Meier, because he is working on a project, developing a tool using artificial intelligence. It is such a great idea, completely different to my work, really interesting and a big step in the progress and innovation within the company.

How has AMROS Global helped you in your career development?

AMROS has put a lot of confidence in me right from the start. I had my own project from the beginning I started working for AMROS. It was also possible to look over everybody’s shoulder and get an idea what is going on in the company. After some time, I could take over more tasks, working more independently and with more and more responsibility. I enjoyed this learning by doing approach and think it worked out quite well so far.

Do you recall any embarrassing moment at work?

No, I am probably not working here long enough to have one.?

That’s maybe better.? What does a true leadership mean to you?

Leadership is about motivating people to work towards a goal (together). For that, you have to set an example and live what you want to see from others. You have to believe in the qualifications of your employees, let them work as independently as possible and be supportive. It is also important to see each person as an individual and foster to their specific needs. So empathy is a big part of it in my opinion.

I totally agree with you, we are all individuals with our own skills and personalities! If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?

I have not thought about that. I would write the book first and find the title later, depending in which direction the storyline would go.?

Okay, that is a smart move.? Thanks Nina for your answers.

This is all for now, we hope you enjoyed this interview wiht Nina and you can look forward to more interviews coming up soon.

Stay Tuned!

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Employee Spotlight Interview with Nils

Thursday, 15. July 2021 by AMROS

Meet Nils Hefti, our Continuing Airworthiness Manager. ?

Nils joined AMROS Global nearly 1 year ago and has been an indispensable part of the team since then. He works as a Continuing Airworthiness Manager and he is doing a great job in his role. We are very happy to have him on-board and here is what he would like to share about himself.

Hi Nils, thanks for sharing a bit about yourself with us, how do you feel when the world is getting back to normal after so many months of restrictions?

Hello.? I hope people make a self-reflexion of the past two years, if not, I am worried for a second lack of toilet paper.

If we go back to your younger years. Do you remember what drew you to the aviation industry? And have you ever thought of changing your career field?

My interests in Aviation started with my dad, as he brought a KLM B747-model home for me. In addition, my fathers and brothers career got me a sneak peek into my current passion. And the second questions, I think my interests in other fields are too broad to name them all. The world is exciting and fascinating!

In today’s rushed world, I always wonder how people balance their career and their private life/family? Do you have any special ways on how to do so? 

I have a so called MES (mental exhaust sensor), patented of course – just kidding!? It let’s me prioritize the things I love. Further, Self-reflection is the tool to go and the best thing about it – it is totally free.

Is there something you can point out to be your favourite part about working for AMROS Global?

Yeah, I like that everyday there is something new that I can put into my experience bag.?

I really like that one! I hope you can fill it up all the way to the top and more. May I ask, how do you define success?

For me, success is being smart, conscientious, and tough.

Here is my favourite questions, if you could switch your job with anyone else within AMROS, whose job would you want and why?

It would be my colleague Stephan Bliggenstorfer and his position as the Quality and Compliance Manager. I like processes and regulations. After all, we all strive for the best as feasible.

Do you recall any embarrassing moment at work?

Either there were too many to count or none – ask my colleagues.?

We might do this in the next interview then ? What does a true leadership mean to you?

For me a true leadership means encouraging to work with somebody for a deep reason and communicate that purpose.

Great! Let’s talk a bit on the less serious note now. Any random facts about yourself you could share with us?

Yes i have three:

  1. I look younger than I am.
  2. I am good at things that make me mildly infuriating (For example Excel).?
  3. If I could travel back into time, it would be to the 80’s.

Well you are lucky one! Do you have any favourite quote? 

I really like this one:,,Coke does not mention Pepsi.”

Okay and a last one to get to know you a bit better. If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?

Kind & Ordinary.

That is a nice one, I might be willing to read it.? Thanks Nils.

This is all from our Nils, we hope you enjoyed this little spotlight of Nils and you can look forward to more interviews coming up soon.

Stay Tuned!

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CEO Interview featuring Giuseppe Renga and the Airlines Magazine

Thursday, 8. July 2021 by AMROS

Making the most out ouf Asset Management.


We are delighted to share with you a featured interview of AMROS GLobal and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Airlines Magazine. Our CEO and President of AMROS GroupGiuseppe Renga shares his insights to the airline industry and where AMROS is heading in terms of making the most of Asset Management.


Enjoy the interview on page 30-31!?

Stay Tuned for more coming up!



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expect more.

Monday, 3. May 2021 by AMROS

Our new branding and webpage is online!

expect more.

With this new claim we want to present you our next step in the implementation of our digital transformation. We at AMROS are very excited to share with you our new webpage and look that emphasizes our core values as the unique, high quality and innovative aviation service provider.

The rebranding is one of the many steps on the roadmap of our group’s digital transformation. With this new, fresh and innovative appearance, we affirm our position and efforts into becoming an added value to our customers by never being satisfied with the status-quo and always aiming at providing more” – says Giuseppe Renga, Chief Executive of the AMROS Group.

Enjoy the new look and let us know how you like our webpage by sending us an email via or by chatting with us in the chat-box!

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Goodbye E190, Hello E190!

Thursday, 4. February 2021 by AMROS

We are delighted to announce our recent involvement in the sale of two E190-100LR from GOAL German Operating Aircraft Leasing GmbH & Co. KG to Azorra Aviation in the role of CAMO.

On these two aircraft we performed:

  • Aircraft re-delivery from an airline to a lessor
  • CAMO under parking program
  • Test and acceptance flights
  • Records management for delivery to the new owner
  • Aircraft de-registration from a Swiss registry and registration to Isle of Man registry

This project is another perfect show case for our one stop shop solution #AMROSCARE.

For more details about our tailored aviation solutions, email us via or call us at +41 44 441 78 55.

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Season’s Greetings

Wednesday, 23. December 2020 by AMROS

AMROS Global wishes you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season filled with joy, happiness and a good health. Thank you for the support and confidence in us in the past years and cheers to a new year – May the year 2021 bring you all the best!

Happy Holidays and New Year from us to you all!

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We are growing further: Hello to our new Intern!

Thursday, 5. November 2020 by AMROS

We are proud to present you our latest addition to Team AMROS: Say hello to Nina Piede!

Nina just joined our team as an intern and will be working with us in the CAMO department and Quality Management. Not only is Nina our youngest member of Team AMROS, but also an aspiring commercial airline pilot. ?‍✈️

Welcome “on board” and we look forward to working with you, Nina!

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We are growing: Hello to a new staff member!

Monday, 10. August 2020 by AMROS

We are happy to welcome our latest addition to our team: Say hello to our new Junior Continuing Airworthiness Manager Nils Hefti! ??

Nils will be involved in the routine maintenance planning for our airline customers as well as cover various project around AMOS. Stay tuned for our next employee highlight with Nils!

A warm welcome to our team Nils, we look forward to working and growing with you ??

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Phase-Out of Embraer E190 Aircraft

Friday, 12. June 2020 by AMROS

Another day, another phase-out! We are proud to have phased-out 3 Embraer aircraft for Helvetic Airways after being a part of their fleet for 5 years.

As part of our responsibility during the redelivery to the lessor, we took care of:

  • Project Management for Redelivery
  • Aircraft Records Review
  • Creation of Delivery Bible

We are thankful to Helvetic for their trust in us to take care of this project.

Do you also want to reduce costs, lead time and risk during an aircraft redelivery? Then contact us via or call us at +41 44 441 78 55!


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Ready for take-off!

Saturday, 6. June 2020 by AMROS

? This month many airlines worldwide restart operation. We want to celebrate this by declaring: We are ready to go back into service together with you! ?

Let us celebrate the return of aviation with a thumbs up and a smile! ??

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Your assets in controlled environment!

Wednesday, 29. April 2020 by AMROS

Challenging times where air travel, free movement, and usual operation are restricted, require even better partners in order to turn those challenges into solutions. That is where we come into place: At AMROS, it is our everyday goal to assist you to manage the risks of your assets with efficiency, quality, and safety. Very much depending on your needs – we can customize our solutions so that they fit like a glove.

Challenging times where air travel, free movement, and usual operation are restricted, require even better partners in order to turn those challenges into solutions. That is where we come into place: At AMROS, it is our everyday goal to assist you to manage the risks of your assets with efficiency, quality, and safety. Very much depending on your needs – we can customize our solutions so that they fit like a glove.

“These uncertain times require everybody to rely on a few, yet very important things: flexibility, safety, and trust. With our customer-centered approach, we can mix those three ingredients together to carefully create solutions which are focused on delivering a real benefit to our customers.”, explains Giuseppe Renga Business Development Manager at AMROS Global.

To ensure we can continue to support our customers worldwide, we have gathered our resources and teamed up with the Cayman Civil Aviation Authority. Together, we are able to substantially fortify our CAMO support, making aircraft transactions flexible, safe, and reliable. In combination with our technical records and physical inspectors as well as our ferry flight team, we go the extra mile and can offer a 360° aircraft asset support worldwide.

Eros Tavani, CEO and Co-Founder of AMROS Global adds“In such an uncertain market, the bottleneck is to be global. At AMROS, “Global” is not just in our name. We are represented worldwide with resources everywhere from Mexico to Spain, China, and even as far as Australia – we have experienced professionals determined to help our customers solving their challenges.”

From remote locations and on-site representation, we can assist you with full-support all from one reliable source:

  • Non-routine repossessions and end-of-lease support
  • Technical records management
  • Physical and structural inspections
  • Ferry Flight Management
  • Temporary registration support
  • Transition CAMO
  • Components Supply
  • Customized services

Want to know more how AMROS Global can turn your asset challenges into solutions?
Download our brochure now or email or reach out to us via +41 78 263 20 90.

Download our Repossessions Brochure


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Announcement: AMROS now to offer Ferry Flight Management Services

Monday, 2. December 2019 by AMROS

We are very happy to announce that we have chosen GP Aviation for support to cover the increasing demand on all ferry, demo and test flights for future projects

GP Aviation is a Non-Commercial Carrier specializing in the ferry flight business as well as flight operations support and expertise with base in Switzerland. A collaboration with them will allow us to offer a wider service range for our customers as we are committed to providing tailored solutions for their needs throughout the entire lifecycle of aircraft.

“For us, it was only a logical step to expand our portfolio with Ferry Flight Management Services, as it further strengthens our capabilities as a One-Stop-Shop for our customers. With GP Aviation, we have chosen a strong partner that complements our dedication to providing complete support.” states Giuseppe Renga, BD Manager at AMROS Global.

We are looking forward to working with GP Aviation and look forward to an exciting year to come with them. Ganesh Piga, CEO of GP Aviation states: “We see great advantages and new opportunities for our company and our customers with this new partnership and are looking forward to 2020.”

For quotes on Ferry Flight Management Services, feel free to reach out to us via:

Or contact us via LinkedIn:

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Phase-In of 14 aircraft? No problem!

Friday, 29. November 2019 by AMROS

It’s been over 6 months since we embarked on a 14 aircraft Phase-In for LATAM Airlines and we are proud to say the project has now been completed. This year we achieved something very special for our client LATAM. We hiked up our sleeves and gave it all!

The outcome was a great collaboration of our team with LATAM, which made it possible to perform such a challenging, yet remarkable project. Read what our customer has to say about this successful project:

I am sure that without AMROS’ collaboration the final result would not have been the same. Thank you very much to the entire AMROS team for the huge support provided, as a company we are immensely grateful for the 24/7 support delivered to accomplish this difficult task.”
Luciano Elizondo, Aircraft Delivery and Transfers Engineer at LATAM

We would like to thank the opportunity to thank the entire LATAM team for the collaboration and everyone who worked on getting this challenging project finished!

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We are Launching Supplier of the Shandong Aviation Exchange Center in China!

Monday, 30. September 2019 by AMROS

We proudly announce that we have signed a launching supplier agreement together with the Chinese Shandong Aviation Exchange Center in China!

AMROS Global will be a key partner to the exchange platform and will be amongst the first to provide its professional services to both Chinese and international customers engaging in aircraft asset trading!

“With the global increase of demand for aircraft in the upcoming decade, especially from and in China, it is crucial for the market to lower the existing barriers for asset trading. In addition, it is crucial that this development is assisted with professional services to the industry, further facilitating asset trading. This is why we as AMROS Global are driven to provide our several decades-strong know-how to any stakeholder in the aviation industry.”, says Giuseppe Renga, Business Development Manager at AMROS Global.

Eros Tavani after the Signing Ceremony with Christina Ng, CEO of Aero Plus International and President of the Shandong Aviation Exchange Center.

About the Shandong Exchange Platform

With the accelerated development of China’s aviation industry, naturally comes the renewal of its aviation assets and therefore the increase of aviation assets transactions. In order to meet the diversified needs of domestic and foreign air assets transactions, a joint-ownership corporation funded by Aero Plus International (Jinan) Holdings Limited (“Aero Plus Jinan”), Shandong Property Rights Exchange Center Limited (“Shandong Property Exchange”) and Jinan Guoying Private Equity Fund Management Center (Limited Partnership) called Shandong Aero Plus Aviation Services Limited (with the name of Shandong Aviation Exchange Center) has been created, with the aim to provide professional, efficient and internationally recognized one-stop service for aviation assets trade.

The unveiling ceremony of the Shandong Aviation Exchange Center was scheduled at the Sheraton Jinan Hotel on September 26th 2019 and the Exchange Center hosted a forum on Aviation Assets Transaction and Management subject on the same date. The forum aimed at exchanging the industry demand of aircraft assets trading, analyzing the dynamics of aircraft assets trading, understand the direction to take on future efforts to support the internationalization and specialization of aircraft assets trading within China and jointly helping to build a gathering place for aviation assets trading with Chinese characteristics.


About Shandong Aero Plus

Established in 2019, Shandong Aero Plus is the first innovative aircraft, aviation material and aviation asset trading platform in China. It was approved as the Shandong Aviation Exchange Center to engage in trading of state-owned aviation asset by Shandong Property Rights Exchange Center Limited, which is one of the property rights trading institutions approved by China government to engage in the trading of state-owned enterprises’ assets.

Shandong Aero Plus will provide tailor-made sales solution for China state-owned and foreign aircraft, aviation material and aviation assets for sellers. The Exchange is authorized by Shandong Property Exchange to allow sellers and buyers to enter into the trading system of Shandong Property Exchange via the portal of the Exchange. Sellers can trade with buyers by various means such as direct sales, leasing and sales and leaseback.

In addition, Shandong Aero Plus will provide independent third-party asset value appraisal and technical service, trading advisory, inspection and acceptance, ferry flight and downtime, translation, financing, legal and tax, customs clearing, and also aviation big data-backed after-sales service, etc.

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700 followers on LinkedIn!

Monday, 5. August 2019 by AMROS

We are happy to announce that we have reached 700 followers on LinkedIn!

Thanks to everybody for the support in growing our network and reach across the world! We are now looking ahead into reaching the next milestone: 1000 followers!

Be part of it and have a look and follow us on our LinkedIn page!

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Our Latest Completed Phase-Out Project

Friday, 2. August 2019 by AMROS

We successfully phased-out the A321 of Germania Flug AG. Thanks to our professional team of consultants and the great collaboration of our customer, we were able to re-deliver the aircraft within budget and on time.

“Great team, great support. Thanks for supporting us during the phase-out of HB-JOI. We’re looking forward to our very close relationship.” says Markus Huwer, NPCA at Germania Flug AG.

Are you also in need of assistance for your redelivery projects? Contact us today at  or find us on LinkedIn!

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New Testimonial by Swiss International Air Lines

Thursday, 11. July 2019 by AMROS

We are very pleased to be able to share a testimonial from our long-time client SWISS International Air Lines. Our customer’s satisfaction is always our number one priority and we are happy to receive such positive feedback from our dear friends at SWISS. We appreciate them for trusting us time and time again to be a part of transitioning their fleet!

If you are interested in benefitting from our services in the same way or would like more information, please just drop us an email or call us through our direct number. You can just stay on our website and chat with us live through our new live chat!

Our contact details:

AMROS Global
Lindenstrasse 25
CH-8302 Kloten

LinkedIn | Facebook

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New Cayman OTAR-39 CAMO Approval

Sunday, 19. May 2019 by AMROS

This year we have started with lots of new improvements to our services, a face-lifting of our brand and even added the B787 to our CAMO capabilities. But we are not done yet..

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